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The Founders of the company Mr. Olatokunboh Kuti and Ms. Edwards started the Web design business in 1994. Initially, their efforts and focus were on both individuals and small businesses. The company KEK Technology was formed in 1996 and became incorporated in April, Year 2000 in the state of Maryland, USA. It was formed to help businesses capitalize on the growth and potential of the World Wide Web.




-: Late March of year 2000, the founders discussed the idea of opening an Office in Nigeria with Ms. O. Samuel-Odiadi (an attorney) as they saw the opportunity to expand the web services to Nigeria. A country that had then not caught up with Information Technology. We knew that the company could have a significant impact in the development of the industry as the African market has not been saturated as it is in the States (USA).


-: In July 2000, we opened our first Office in Africa- Lagos Nigeria along with the registration of the business as a Limited Liability company. The office was initially headed by Jacqueline O. Samuel-Odiadi as the Managing Director.


-: The decision to open an office in Nigeria was very fruitful from onset; we were able to land a deal with one of the major Media companies in increasing Internet Awareness via vigorous promotion on TV. This led to the idea of expanding the business to include Internet Access and Telephony as management saw Nigeria as a huge market ready to be transformed into an Information Technology Hub.


We provide 5 gateways to Internet-based technologies, namely:


* Web Consultation, Development & Design


* Domain Name Registration


* Technical Sales, Training & Systems Integration


* Hosting & Management


* Internet Advertising, E-Commerce Marketing and Technology


KEK Technology Incorporated is an information technology (IT) solutions & services provider located in the State of Maryland (USA) and Lagos Island, Lagos State (Nigeria). We specialize in Application & Web Development, Computer Equipment Sales & Training, Systems Integration & Network Services, Web Hosting & Management, Domain Name registration, Internet Advertising & Promotion, and E-Commerce Marketing (strategy) and Technology.


The service offerings are designed to meet the spectrum of affordability, level of need, and overall objectives of companies, institutions and organization wishing to implement effective Internet / Intranet strategies.


Organization Values

Mission Statement

Vision Statement & Goal

* Transparency in all dealings with key stakeholders


* Commitment to Clients/Consumers


* Collaborative approach to new services and products


* Flexible- Ability to read and react to changes in the Industry

We will be the single source Internet Provider to our targeted Market. We find ways to do what the others don’t. Our service offerings are designed to meet the spectrum of affordability, level of need, and overall objectives of companies, institutions and organizations wanting to implement effective Internet strategies.

To become the single source of Information technology in the continent of Africa. We aim to achieve an IPO in year 15. We would like to achieve a position roughly analogous to that occupied by Microsoft in the Industry by year Twenty. Once we have achieved the leadership role, we hope to make the cost of entering the industry higher to the competitions. In other words, make it difficult for them to compete by establishing wide brand recognition in the whole of Africa and beyond.

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