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  • Internet Advertising & Promotion

    By the end of year 2001 there were over 2,850,000 business Web sites on the Internet. Statistics also show that at that time there were over 990 million pages available for viewing by Web users. These numbers will continue growing at an exponential rate in the foreseeable future.


    In spite of these statistics, the great majority of Web sites are still invisible to most web users especially in the developing world. The reasons are many to be cited, however, the misconception that once published a Web site is visible to all internet users is widely prevalent among businesses.


    Whether you are starting from beginning, or you have a site that has failed to meet expectations, KEK Technology can help. We will analyze your traffic, market placement and overall site design and develop a program that will drive traffic to your site, quality traffic.


    Our methodology has taken many sites from stagnant, lifeless brochures to quality content driven web sites that generate high volumes of traffic. KEK Technology helps businesses understand the process of exposing their products/services to their target audience by developing programs in line with the company's goals and marketing budgets.


    Our Marketing and Internet Promotion program include:


    Web position analysis


    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube & LinkedIn


    Search Engine Promotion & Rankings Maintenance


    Competitive analysis


    Banner design and advetisement placement


    Cross promotion




    Link exchanges


    Chat rooms


    KEK Technology can design a marketing plan that is right for your business. We will define your target audience, develop a customized marketing plan and help you implement it. Our company will advise you of your options and help you reap the benefits of the world wide web.


  • E-Commerce Marketing & Technology

    KEK Technology is the answer to the following questions:


    How fast do you want to start generating business via the Web?


    Does your business have internal capabilities to develop E-Commerce Web site?


    What amount of training of your staff is required to maintain and service your Web site?


    What hardware and software do you need to support your Web presence?


    What previous work has been done by your company regarding an Internet presence?.


    Most small and medium size businesses lack the sufficient knowledge to generate a realistic budget. Before you spend any money building an E-Commerce/E-Government, make sure to talk with a professional. Most of the existing Sites have failed to achieve any meaningful results because of poor planning and implementation.


    Finally, if your company is outsourcing the implementation of an Intranet, a Web site or training, prices will vary widely and so will the results. In selecting a Web services company make sure that it has sufficient in house capabilities and experience to build a professional Web presence as well as to provide you the necessary training and support.


    At KEK Technology Inc., we focus on tools, tips, and new products to assist you in marketing your products, using of affiliate programs, accepting of payments online, and developing better relationships with your customers.


    We have e-commerce solutions to meet your needs and scalable infrastructure to host your business critical applications and data.


    Email us at info@siftthru.net for inquiries and products information before your organization embark on E-commerce marketing and technologies.



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