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We put you in control of YOUR OWN Internet Services Company

KEK Technology Inc. offers exciting reseller program that give you the opportunity to start your own business and generate constant cash-flow (revenue) for yourself. As a reseller for Kek Technology, your customers will never know you are reselling our services as deals will be strictly under your company's umbrella. This versatile program let you choose your level of involvement so you can decide what makes the most sense for your business and what will offer you the highest profits! It is absolutely free to become our reseller, there are no billing or start up fees.


The Private Label Program

Selling Domain Name Registration / Web Hosting Packages

If you have an established business and serve Individuals, small and medium sized businesses, you have the opportunity to offer your customers a wide-range of Internet related solutions without investing in the costly infrastructure and technology necessary to maintain your own. The answer is KEK's Private Label Program.


The Private Label Program enables you to resell KEK Technology Domain Name Registration, Web Design Services and Hosting packages under your own brand name without worrying about maintaining the facilities, network, equipment, architecture, deployment and software. You can continue to focus on your core business while we maintain the stable platform for your success.


In the Private Label Program you are the sole contact for your customers, and are completely responsible for billing, marketing, sales and technical support (our company will be handling the technical aspect for you without your client knowledge). Since you are responsible for billing your customers, you ultimately determine the profit margin and manage all your customers' accounts through one main control panel.


You are responsible for marketing, sales, billing and other activities except technical support for your customers. You retain the ownership of your customers. Our company has no contact with your Clients / Customers. Contact our Sales Team for additional information and/or inquiries about the program.

Web (Website) Templates Reselling:-


Affiliate Program:  Now you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars/Naira  by referring customers or by reselling our template products through your website!


Registration and participation are FREE!

Earn 20% commission (10-50$ or Naira Equivalent per sale on average).

All products have great market value. Each 60th targeted visitor makes a purchase, according to our statistics.

Start earning money immediately after registration!

If someone comes through your affiliate link and leaves our site without a purchase you will still earn your affiliate fee if this visitor buys our products at a later date

Visit for our Templates Page for details at: or click here.


Domain Name Registration: Reseller Discount Prices

Domain Name Registration i.e. : .COM {our normal

price is US$12.95 (N1650}


Number of Domain Names    Discounted Amount

1                                 US$9.95 (1650 Naira)

2 - 3                            US$9.90 (1650 Naira)

4 - 9                            US$9.85 (1650 Naira)

10 - 29                        US$9.50 (1600 Naira)

30 - 99                        US$8.95 (1550 Naira)

100 & Up                     US$8.50 (1500 Naira)


Web Hosting Reselling Service:

Web Hosting Packages {Regular Prices start from US$3.95 (N250) /month}

The setup fee is free (except dedicated server hosting packages) for every hosting account under our Private Label Reseller Program. You have the option of charging your client whatever amount for setup. We will never interfere with the relationships between you and your customers. You have the freedom to set up your own prices and thus maintain full control over your profits. In addition, as a web hosting reseller you have full access to your clients' accounts and to detailed statistics of all your sales.


Number of Plans           Monthly Fee Discount

1 - 4                                        0%

5 - 9                                      10%

10 - 20 *                               15%

21 - 34 *                               25%

35 - 59 *                               30%

60 - 90 *                               40%

91 & Up *                              50%


Note*: Free Hosting Account for your business.

 We put YOU in control of YOUR OWN Internet Services Company. Contact our Sales Team for additional information and/or inquiries.

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