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We understand that there are some companies and businesses out there not equipped with the needed infrastructures, technical know-how or busy with day-to-day operation of their businesses to monitor and update their Websites periodically. This is where our company come to play, we have both the amenities and manpower to handle this heavy task for companies, so they can do what they know best- run their businesses.


At KEKHOST.COM we have High Speed Connections and reliable servers at discounted prices. With our online order form we can set up your Hosting account within 24 Hours!


Our mission is to offer customers industry-leading Web hosting services and tools, coupled with superior customer support. We arm our customers with the online capabilities of large corporations without burdensome infrastructure - at an affordable price. Our Network gives you plenty of opportunity to develop a well-trafficked site at a small cost. As a new customer, we welcome you to the fold instantly and you can be sure that any problems you may have will be handled quickly and efficiently. As none of our technicians are outsourced, you can be assured that we are not cutting corners to try to save a few bucks.


Visit http://www.kekhost.com (North American, Asian and European Markets) or http://www.kekhosting.com (African & Middle Eastern Markets) for our Hosting Packages or send us email at info@kekhost.com for details and price quote.





                                                       KEKhost: http://www.kekhost.com


                                               KEKhosting: http://www.kekhosting.com




Hosting Packages (Linux & Microsoft Windows Operating Systems)



                                                                    << Mini Starter Plan


                                                                   << Starter Plan


                                                                   << Bronze Plan


                                                                   << Silver Plan


                                                                   << Gold Plan




Reseller Plans


                                                                     << Resell-NXT Package


                                                                            << Resell-PLUS Package


                                                               << Resell-MAX Package





Dedicated Web Servers & Cloud Computing


                                                                                << KEK ServMid TM


                                                                    << KEK ServMid TMT


                                                                    << KEK ServMid TMX


                                                                    << KEK Platinum NX


                                                                    << KEK Platinum NXE


                                                                     << KEK Platinum NXX


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